The Vision

Public, permissionless blockchains are dependent for their security and reliability on their economic incentives and mechanism design. Some private, permissioned ones may be as well.

This conference will explore the economic security aspects of blockchain protocols, including game theory, incentive design, mechanism design and market design along with other topics related to crypto-economics security, and to foster collaborations among researchers and practitioners working on these topics.

CESC is hosted by Blockchain at Berkeley

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What is Cryptoeconomics?

Cryptoeconomics is a formal discipline that focuses on the design and characterization of protocols that govern the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services in a decentralized digital economy.

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We're looking for amazing speakers to help us with our vision.

Submission instructions: Submissions can be full papers, work-in-progress, one-page summaries or presentation slides. Please make sure that the submission provides sufficient detail to explain what the talk will be about. Papers or presentations may be previously presented or published.

Submissions should be technical in nature, but including considerations of the legal, policy, and ethical implications of results is appreciated.

*The conference does not publish proceedings.

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Leemon Baird

CTO, Swirld

Leemon is the creator of the hashgraph consensus algorithm. He has been working in Distributed Ledger Technology for several years. Leemon has a PhD from Carnegie Mellon and has served as a professor, a research scientist and started two startups that were acquired.


Christian Catchin

Researcher, IBM Zurich

Christian Cachin is a cryptographer and computer scientist interested in distributed computing, cryptographic protocols, and security. He currently works on consensus protocols and on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform.


Alessandro Chiesa

Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley

Alessandro is an assistant professor at UC Berkeley's EECS department (theory, cryptography, security). He is an author of libsnark, a C++ library for zkSNARKs, a co-inventor of Zerocash and co-founder of Zcash, both of which rely on libsnark.


Jeremy Clark

Assistant Professor, Concordia University

Jeremy Clark is an assistant professor at the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering. His research interests include cryptocurrencies and deploying financial technology on blockchain-based systems like Ethereum.


Karl Floersch

Casper Development, Ethereum Foundation

Karl is a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation working on Casper Proof of Stake.


Yoichi Hirai

Formal Verification Engineer, Ethereum Foundation

Yoichi works on Ethereum Virtual Machine and some proof-of-stake protocols as a formal verification engineer.


Ari Juels

Professor, Jacobs Institute, Cornell Tech

Ari is a Professor at the Jacobs Institute, Cornell Tech, in NYC and Co-Director of the Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts (IC3). He was previously Chief Scientist of RSA.


Shahan Khatchadourian

Blockchain Research and Development, Consensys

Shahan Khatchadourian is a researcher (PhD) and software developer leading the Protocol Engineering Group at ConsenSys to develop secure, scalable blockchains.


Zaki Manian

Executive Director of Trusted IoT Alliance

Zaki Manian, is a prolific contributor to the development of blockchain technology. Zaki has deep expertise in cryptography and distributed consensus systems. He is also an advisor to Cosmos and other startups and funds in the space.


Patrick McCorry

Assistant Professor, King’s College London

Patrick McCorry will soon be at King’s College London as an Assistant Professor for Security Engineering. His research interests include cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and applied cryptography.


Mahnush Movahedi

Senior Researcher, Dfinity

Mahnush is a senior researcher at Dfinity working on scalable and secure distributed algorithms for consensus, secure computation, interactive communication and game theory. Mahnush was a postdoctoral Associate at Yale.


Joseph Poon

Co-Author Plasma and Lightning Network

Joseph is the co-author of bitcoin’s Lightning Network whitepaper and Plasma ( His current areas of research involves blockchain scalability mechanisms, inter-blockchain interaction, and cryptoeconomic incentives.


Dan Robinson

Product Architect, Chain

Dan is an engineer at Chain, where he researches blockchain scaling and interoperability solutions and leads development on Ivy, a smart contract language. Before joining Chain, Dan was an attorney at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison.


Dawn Song

EECS Professor, UC Berkeley

Dawn Song is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Her research interest lies in deep learning and security.


Angela Walch

Research Fellow, Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London

Angela Walch is an Associate Professor at St. Mary's University School of Law and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London (UCL | CBT).

Program Committee

  • Leemon Baird
  • Christian Catchin
  • Alessandro Chiesa
  • Jeremy Clark
  • Karl Floersch
  • Yoichi Hirai
  • Ari Juels
  • Shahan Khatchadourian
  • Zaki Manian
  • Patrick McCorry
  • Mahnush Movahedi
  • Joseph Poon
  • Dan Robinson
  • Dawn Song
  • Angela Walch

Organizing Committee

Ronen Kirsh
Akash Khosla
Anthony DiPrinzio
Byron Gibson

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